Tandem Flights

We offer a variety of different tandem flights with our flying wheelchair. Please note that the possible duration of each flight depends on the wind, weather and thermal lift of that day.

Regular Tandem Flight  |  20 minutes  |  130€ + 25€ fotos/videos

Take off nice and easy, and enjoy the incredible view of the Zillertal mountains in this 20-minute flying experience

Panorama Tandem Flight  |  30 minutes  |  150€ + 25€ fotos/video

Breeze over the mountains and thoroughly take in the beautiful scenery in this 30-minute thrill

Thermic Tandem Flight  |  40 minutes  |  170€ + 25€ fotos/videos

Take your time and loop back up in thermal lifts for an extended flying experience

Distance Tandem Flight  |  120 minutes  |  300€ + 25€ fotos/videos

Every pilot’s dream: Cover some distance and cruise around the alps for an unforgettable adventure soaring-like-a-bird.

Cross Country/Long Distance  |  1 day (5-7 hours)  |  price upon request

Still can’t get enough? We can fly you literally the whole day if you like and the weather allows – please send individual inquiry

Couple’s Flight  |   all durations  |  all price combinations

Want to fly with your partner/friend/parent/child? Choose your tandem flight and we will arrange a matching flight for your companion with one of the regular tandem companies. All packages are possible, please send individual inquiry.

Gift Vouchers  |  all durations

Give the gift of the ultimate freedom and get a wheels4flying gift voucher. All durations as well as value vouchers possible. Let dreams fly!

Photo & Video Package  |  

Sit back and enjoy – your tandem pilot is equipped with a GoPro and will take videos and photos during the flight so that you can relive and share your experience.

Charity Flights


We offer free tandem flights to passengers with economical difficulties, who are not able to afford a flight on their own. If you would like to apply to this program please send us a message! If we have too many applicants, there will be a waiting list.

If you would like to donate a flight to a disabled person, we will gratefully give your flight to the next person on the waiting list. Of course, if you would like to give a flight to somebody you know, you can simply buy a gift voucher.


Trust us that we do not gain any profits from this operation. The calculated prices cover the cost for a professional tandem pilot, certified equipment, insurance, logistics and administration.

Help us make dreams fly!