Our equipment

Wheels4flying uses the Handivol Flight Chair produced by the specialised French manufacturer Backbone. We have chosen the top-of-the-line model for extra safe operations. The chair and harness have been specifically developed and certified for handicapped pilots and passengers. The Handivol comes with disc brakes, all-wheel suspension, roll bars for the shoulders, neck and head, safety belts and much more. The harness is the best on the market – made by European manufacturer Supair in accordance with LTF Standard and EN Standard.

 The equipment is certified for a total permissible weight of up to 120 kg, which allows us (minus the weight of the equipment itself) to take passengers of up to 90 kg body weight.


Wheels4flying is proudly sponsored by BGD (Bruce Goldsmith Design), a leading manufacturer in the world of paragliding, and producer of what we believe to be the best gear for our special activity.


As for the tandem we chose to use the BGD Dual 2, considering it the best tandem currently on the market, combined with the Link harness and OOPS reserve parachute


For our special friends who are flying solo, we opted for the Magic PPG, a very safe glider that works well with the flight chair and the OOPS reserve.


We are happy that the BGD family has welcomed us, and we are very grateful for their support!

Our entire equipment and flights are insured by Air&More Austria