International Meeting

We are proud!

International Paragliding Meeting

10.-22. January 2024, Piedechinche, Colombia

Flyer Columbia

For the first time in history, the association „Wheels4Flying“ will be hosting an international paragliding meeting for pilots with reduced mobility.

When we say “reduced mobility” this means that all of the participants use wheelchairs and fly their paraglider using a special adapted trike.


Paragliding pilots with reduced mobility from all over the world.
We already have 12 confirmed participations from Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, USA, France, Italy, Slovenia and Austria.


A paragliding meeting and friendly competition enables the pilots to come in contact and to exchange ideas. Experienced pilots are also on site to help the participants optimizing their flights. The participants are able to fly with their adapted trikes on their own and they have the opportunity to get to know Colombia’s delightful flying area.


Piedechinche, Colombia
The paragliding-pilots can enjoy the optimal weather conditions and the unique landscape.


10th – 22nd January 2024


These amazing paragliding pilots have overcome so much and overcome challenges to be able to fly paragliders. They deserve to be able to attend the meeting and that thy can come from anywhere.

This amazing event will not be possible without your help. The donations will cover all logistics and transportation for the meeting.

Additionally many of these pilots do not have the means to attend on their own, so these donations will also cover flights and accommodation for the pilots that need it.

Please support us with your donations!