Solo Flying

If you are already holding a paragliding license and have had an accident or have any mobility impairment in your legs, we can assist you to get back in the air with confidence!

Training Session 1: Ground-handling

We begin by giving a thorough introduction of the specialised equipment to get you started ground handling and familiar with the new equipment and techniques.

Training Session 2: Tandem flight with solo training 

One of our pilots will take you for a tandem flight involving safety considerations, skill assessment, and training on take-off, in the air, and on landing.

Training Session 3: Solo flight with radio coaching

Once you are ready, we will assist you on your solo take-off and then guide and coach you by radio throughout your flight to landing.

Video Analysis/Video Coaching

Thorough analysis of your skill level, manoeuvring techniques and areas for improvement.

Equipment Rentals: half day / 1 day / 2 days / …

Once you are familiar with the equipment and you are ready to fly on your own, you can of course rent our equipment for a period of time. Please note that you will still require assistance at take-off and landing. Prices upon request.